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  1. she would be intouch if she could find a buyer. 2 days later she cellad me back with an offer an said i needed to place a31243 in to a holding account which would be released back to me on completion of the sale. I questioned it and was told this money will not come out of your account but held against my visa until the completion. Needless to say i later noticed this amount had been debited from my account.i tried on many occaision to contact them with no success until 2 months later i was cellad to say that the buyer had pulled out and the were working on a new offer and i would be contacted in a day or 2 with a new offer. Well 3 days went by and Clair wilson cellad to say she had a corporate buyer lined up and wanted another a31600 for legal charges. I told her that i had no money left to pay this and she said she would speak to the buyer and see what she could do. 1hour later the legal charges were dropped to a31000. Below is the e-mail i was sent detailing the offer and where to sent the money.Realm Travel Services Dear Mr Smith Further to our telephone conversation. I have pleasure in enclosing the Corporate Offer. To confirm the Corporate offer is as followsOriginal Offer 6,200Return of Liability 1,295Legal Charges 1,600Corporate Offer 9,095********Yours faithfullyClaire WilsonCorporate Dept.Any ideas how we can get our money back would be grateful.

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