DNA #90: Levi Poulter

Levi Poulter, a sexy 32 years old model from Miami, Florida started modeling when he was 24. With his lucky charm, he got to begin his career with a well known photographer, Bruce Weber. The 6′ 2″ model has worked with numerous amazing photographers and has done everything from Abercrombie & Fitch to L’uomo Vogue to Target. Now, he is on the cover of DNA current(July)issue.

13 thoughts on “DNA #90: Levi Poulter

  1. Hey guys……just reading what you all wrote about me. Thanks for the flattering comments….wow! I just want to make some of my own in response. Who said I have different values now????? LDS DOES mean Latter Day Saints……and Utah is not the mothership, Missouri is! 🙂 If you have any questions or anything just shoot me and email….you can contact me at my site which is http://www.miamilevi.com. There is a tab there that sends an email right to me. Thanks!!! Levi

  2. One of the Best looking men I have seen in a long time. He seems grounded, and he seems to be very spontaneous and likes to have fun. Keep up the good life Levi! Congrats to you….

  3. hot for sure, but Levi got something more extraordinary, he’s got the sweetest attitude free personality ever…

    A hot body is just a hot body… you can see plenty of those…

    Levi, you personality is great, it truly was a pleasure chatting with you on the Equinox cruise this summer.

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