Christian Mousel

christian st jon christioan mousel
Christian Mousel also known as Christian St. Jon is 28 years old adult model/actor from Honolulu, Hawaii. He was a competitive bodybuilder and a stripper, more recently an actor in Dead Boyz Don’t Scream and Where we Began. He appeared on PlayGirl and MenMagazine.

Credits: MenMagazine

10 thoughts on “Christian Mousel

  1. Incredibly erotic male slab of beef. His eyes are intoxicating. I loved him in the movie DEAD BOYZ DON’T SCREAM and the blond stud Arrom Mark in it too – this man iis luscious to the tongue – MORE PLEASE OF CHRISTIAN

  2. You think your in love with him, have you had a good look, Christian Mousel is incredible, I would sell everything, and move to the other side of the planet and learn a whole new language for this man. He is fantastic and so incredibly appealing. Extremely masculine and just the most perfect looking man I have ever seen…..Ummmmmm Love you Christian and I normally don't say things like this, credit where credit is due, your lovely.

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