Tyler Davin

Tyler “TY” Davin is 23 years old male model from New York, currently signed with Silver models. He is a personal trainer and a specialist in performance nutrition. ehm, P-E-R-F-E-C-T-I-O-N

Credits: Rick Day, Bruno Rand

40 thoughts on “Tyler Davin

  1. Wow, do you call this perfection?
    This is totally out of proportion. I am sure he really worked hard for it, but to me this is a case “when bad things happen to good people:.

  2. Strange… in the pic with the blazer he looks nice and trim, but in all the other ones with his shoulders are freakishly wide and his head is tiny.

  3. This guy is incredibly delicious, I’d like to see a picture of those nasty bitter queens who leave those negatives comments. Maybe you are the one who’s got a freakishly big head.

  4. there are other less perfect pics of him proving that he’s real… and clearly not on roids… it’s just great bone structure, ass-bustin gym sessions, and pre-photo-op starvation at work folks…. it’s an awesome thing 😉

  5. He's definately real…I met him. He works hard for that body. The haters or jealous will say roids…or photoshopped. That's not true. People should state facts.

  6. oh my god he is so so so so so so so so fucking hot. i just want to see him naked. i bet his cocks huge!!!! i want this guy in bed right now.

  7. I like the pic of Tyler leaning against a brick wall with white shirt with red stripes. He’s got the shirt half open to show his musculer chest and ripped six pack. REALLY HOT. He’s looking at the camera with his sexy eyes cute looks. Your my pin up Tyler. you are 100per cent perfect Tyler. Want to see more pics just like this please.

    Great Britian

  8. Que cachas más imponente, desde luego me lo figuro desnudo y empalmado y entro en erección. Como disfrutaría mi ano sintiendo una penetración de este tío y como disfrutaría yo bien penetrado sintiéndole jadear mientras me folla. Seguro que con lo acostumbrado que está a controlarse en los ejercicios de gimnasia, podría controlar su orgasmo todo el tiempo que yo quisiera para mantenerme bien penetrado, yo me retorcería como una anguila de gusto y cuando llevara su mano a mi verga para masturbarme y correrme, perdería el control con tango gusto.

  9. He is a stud and he knows it. The best photo is the black tee shot in the middle (sexual naughtyness)and the grey hoodie/white shorts shot (youthful innocence) at the top tier. I would defineately love to see this one in Playgirl and would encourage him to continue with the photographs as he is very photographic. Ten out of ten stars because he not only has the looks, but he is muscled, and very GQ.

  10. Dear Tyler;

    For over a year now we have been waiting for your rather promised AUTOGRAPHED BUSINESS CARD.
    Kindly Signed and Dated on the Front.
    In our Hobby of Collecting Autographed Business Cards there are over 80,000. It is the Very Largest Collection of its kind in the world today.
    I look forward to hearing from you with hopefully a positive answer.

    In Earnest and Anticipation;
    I am more than your very Faithful Fan,

    127 – 6841 138th Street
    Surrey, BC Canada V3W 0A7

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