15 thoughts on “Alan Valdez

  1. agree with first anonymous …. imagining the view of his ass and balls between those thighs from behind would be breathtaking!

  2. He definitely has a nice body. But I think he could only make it as a fitness model. He's a bit too muscled to be successful in GQ or something like that.

  3. ummm…to #9: Gross.(I'm not a prude, far from it, but really?) To #7: You might want to go the your optometrist…you need your eyes checked. Zeb Atlas? Where? His little toe? Maybe Zeb 20 years ago, before he started with the steroids! (sorry, Zeb! I like you too, but just because he has dark hair does not a resemblance make…) Maybe they could do a father-son video with Zeb and Alan–that MIGHT work…

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