26 thoughts on “Bernardo Velasco

  1. He’s beautiful, and has a versatile look. He looks quite different depending on the angle, lighting and expression. If he plays the game well, he could have a very good career.

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  2. Abrigado, thank you in portugese. Don’t give up to cheer for him. He’s really our ‘Next Top Model’ in everywhere in the world. OMG, he’s really damn hot good looking….if I am in the modelling agency, I’m sure wana look like him, hehehe…but that’s just a ‘dream’ for me=)

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  3. OMG!Please give me a break,look at this hot body,I think a whole world people need to make love with him right now!It’s so hot!

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  4. he is so delicious!!! its seems that he is bringing a delicious candy inside his brief that I really want to eat!!!! hhhhhmmmmmmm sweet!!!!

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  5. can produce a picture of hi without brief???? plzzzzz I wanna see him totally naked!!!! wearing nothing….. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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