15 thoughts on “Dave August

  1. Dave has a gorgeous face and an incredible body. and you can tell from the see-through underwear that he is very well-endowed!

    and maybe even more amazing…he is gay! and he performs in a couple off-broadway shows where he is fully naked on stage! I found all this out through internet searches, but unfortunately couldn’t find any more pics of Dave…but I would LOVE to see more! He’s perfect!

  2. He is currently in Naked Boys Singing off Broadway and has appeared numerous times in Broadway Bares.. He is as nice and genuine as he is hot as hell.

  3. Great questions Andie D.You’d like to know more about my exnteded family?Answer: I have a mother. Her name is Jewell. She lives in Newark, NJ. I have a brother, 23 years old. He lives in Newark, NJ with my mom, OH wait…he just moved out on his own. (He think he’s grown you know how kids are) LOLI had another brother his name was Aaron Delmar–who DROWNED his b.day would have been july 13th. he would have been 35. I still have issues with swimming but, that’s a story for another day.My husband and I met in highschool, we had our daughter Danyelle (yes, he’s her daddy too) when we were 17 (yikes) Most people THINK i’m the step mom or he’s the step dad, but, we’re her biological parents. I have a question for you. What made you think she was my step daughter? I’m curious to know.

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