12 thoughts on “Lance Lamar

  1. Beautiful but frustrating. These shots are too penis-shy. Did he do any shots actually showing his dick? May we please see Lance with his cock fully exposed over on We Love Nudes?

  2. Ok, great body, but I wish men could have bodies like that, and not wax all their body hair off. I like men!! not hairless boys..

  3. Body hair is an evolutionary relic, an atrophied remnant of when we had fur, and it serves no biological purpose whatsoever. Some guys like it and some don’t, some guys have some and some don’t. And since our body is the only thing we really own, we can do with it as we wish. Personally, if i had a body like his, i certainly wouldn’t want to obscure it with hair. This guy is definitely a man in my book. If you saw him in his airline pilot suit, with all his muscles outlined, i’m sure you would tag him as a man. Why does he suddenly become a “boy” when he undresses and you see he removed most of his hair? Nonsense lol

    Bodyhair does not a man make. 😉

  4. I don’t care about bodyhair but these images are too old. The photographer shot it 3 years ago. So boring ! Run out of new guys ?

  5. His reduction of love to physical lust echoes that of Clamence. … and complex relationship between himself as writer and his protagonist Lance Lamar

  6. Lance I am a gay man. Wow you just about have it all,I would love to eat a banana split off of your ass, chest, your dick and balls anywhere you are just that hot

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