Jonathan Waud

Jonathan Waud by rick day
26 years old Jonathan Waud was one of the contestants on Bravo’s reality competition series, “Make Me a Supermodel 2.”

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Jonathan Waud

Credits: Rick Day

17 thoughts on “Jonathan Waud”

  1. nice!! i’m am sure he is gonna win….but they haven’t shown the ep yet where they pose naked. pics are hot!!

  2. Rick Day is a MASTER PHOTOGRAPHER…Not since the late great Herb Ritts have i seen such beautiful work ! Keep it up !

  3. Although I would not describe he as very handsome, he surely gets what it takes to be a high-fashion model…
    Imagine he doing photo shots for luxury bands like Gucci and Burberry…

  4. Look at his name again. Anybody heard of/remember Johnny Wadd from 70’s porn flicks (who died in ’88)? Just wondering if Jonathan is using a stage name borrowed from a previous hunk.

  5. Perfectly proportional and angular. Really, the man is stunning. No weak points that I can see. Exceptional legs and butt, by the way. Definitely destined for high end clothiers.

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