17 thoughts on “Jonathan Waud

  1. nice!! i’m am sure he is gonna win….but they haven’t shown the ep yet where they pose naked. pics are hot!!

  2. Rick Day is a MASTER PHOTOGRAPHER…Not since the late great Herb Ritts have i seen such beautiful work ! Keep it up !

  3. Although I would not describe he as very handsome, he surely gets what it takes to be a high-fashion model…
    Imagine he doing photo shots for luxury bands like Gucci and Burberry…

  4. Look at his name again. Anybody heard of/remember Johnny Wadd from 70’s porn flicks (who died in ’88)? Just wondering if Jonathan is using a stage name borrowed from a previous hunk.

  5. Perfectly proportional and angular. Really, the man is stunning. No weak points that I can see. Exceptional legs and butt, by the way. Definitely destined for high end clothiers.

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