17 thoughts on “Tetu: Todd Sanfield

  1. Definitely hot, but he would be hotter if there were some emotion in his eyes. He looks like he is hating where he is at….and who wrote the rule that models should not smile?

  2. Really stunning. Something a bit old school about the pics and he is beautiful. The final one is a bit pixelly…any chance of re-posting in better quality? Thanks

  3. I agree with the comment about smiling. So many of these pics have guys trying to look mean but most guys look so much better with smile on thier face.

  4. I bought this issue of Têtu in France 3 summers ago because of the cover. Always kept it, and I gotta admit I never focused on his legs before—was too smitten with his abs, face and arms. But damn, you guys are right — his big legs are phenomenal. Imagine them wrapped around you…..

  5. got this issue of Têtu in summer of 07 but never focused on his legs — being too smitten with his gorgeous abs, face and pits. But you guys are right — those legs are awesome. Imagine them wrapped around you…..

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