15 thoughts on “Dave August for DMK

  1. This is the epitome of sports homo-eroticism, at it's best. The sublty of the ball and bat used with the various poses is so understatingly obvious, it's beautiful. The photographer is a genius and the model is luscious.


  2. Dave August is amazingly stunning. True male perfection.
    However I have to burst some bubbles by pointing out that those photos or more specifically the package filling out those jocks is definitely photoshopped. I recently got to see Mr August in all his glory in Naked Boys Singing on Broadway. (Yes not only is he gorgeous he has an awesome singing voice too) I can say after seeing it in the flesh, that his penis is nowhere near that big. He has a lovely uncut cock but being honest, it is actually a little on the small side. That's not meant as a criticism. Believe me he looks damn fine naked, but it's just the truth that he's just not that big.

    • You know though, he may be a “grower” and not a “shower.” I’ll bet being on stage in the nude is like coming out of a cold swimming pool: shrinkage!

  3. I doubt he stuffs. The thing about that type of underwear is that you it enhances the package through it's style and length. Also there may be a c-ring in there. I only like Dave when his eyes aren't showing.

  4. Dave is beautiful, and his cock looks absolutely incredible.

    I know you've seen the real deal, anonymous 3, but I've also seen pics of Dave in basically see-through underwear where it looks just as big. It is more likely that the underwear enhances the dick somehow. Also, is the thickness fake? That's the most breathtaking part about the cock and I would think it's still real.

  5. It seems to me that a better argument for the difference is that in these pictures he is semi-hard. A lot of underwear models get semi-hard when they pose. That is why the bulge looks like its straining out, because his dick is pushing up.

  6. just saw naked boys singing on saturday and everything about dave was awesome. Believe me it would be hard to find anyone that would throw him out of bed. I would not.

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