32 thoughts on “Matt Schiermeier by Empyrean Photography

  1. Matt knocks all the younger models out of the water imo. I could lift him up and do him on my desk right now! Guess I'll have to settle for staring at his pictures .. 😀 thanks for posting these.

  2. For these pictures…hmmm….let's see….we forgive you of absolutely any wrong you might have done! 😀
    And the guy is absolutely stunning!

  3. 7 is insane. Adolescence? Have you SEEN this guy? He's a man!

    10 is either just kidding, or also insane.

    Matt is gorgeous and one of my favorite models. Thank you so much for posting these!

  4. I agree 12, Matt is all man. There are always going to be those posters that have to be negative. Matt is my all-time favorite model, he has a amazing body, and one can tell that he works every muscle group in his body, whereas some only work one or two groups. I personally think his tattoos are beautiful, poster 9. Some guys do go overboard, but I think Matt's tattoos are very tastefully done. I also have to say, Matt is more than just another pretty face. He is an intelligent, caring person and feels that everyone has a purpose, and uses his talent to promote issues that are important to him. Pictures of Matt are always worth the wait…… Keep them coming.

  5. Hey you all that is my older brother, and if you knew him the way that I know him you would know that his looks isn't all that is great about him. He is one of the best uncles and borthers in the world. I grew up with this man form day one and hes not only good looking but a inspiration as well, love you Bro. Nick

  6. papi rico cuanto quisiera q te encontraras todas las noches en mi cama y q me metieras es chimbaso todos los dias x el culo y clavarmelo asta donde pueda entrar
    (soy un hombre)

  7. very sexy and photographic. I can see him as a Roman Gladiator or a swordsmen back in the day. The tattoo is perfect for him and this shows me, he is artistic with an edge. The hair suits him as well due to his small framed muscular physique. In closing this is one dude who I would not at all be offensed should he choose to ditch the garments at a nude beach somewhere.

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  9. Matt is not only the most gorgeous sexiest man alive he is the kindest most beautiful soul he is an inspiration to me everyday

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