9 thoughts on “MuscleHunks: TJ Cummings

  1. His cock is far off of being massive. It’s completely average, no more than 5 or 6 inches. Nothing wrong with that, plus I think the guy is one of the hottest porn stars around. But no, he’s not hung in the slightest.

  2. I think TJ has a great body and ass. I especially like seeing his ass getting fucked when he performed in gay films under the name Nick Steel. He really is a voracious bottom.

  3. Yeah, TJ really takes a good pounding from two guys in Virgin No More. And he proves he’s an excellent cock sucker in Body Worship 38 when he expertly services Marco Rossi.

  4. I love this guy from the moment i saw him by accident one time when i was searching for gay porn seans then i have erotic dreams and i always masturbate and cum with him …..i would like to hava that cock in my ass….

  5. Absolutely right this guy is so hot .. I love that bubble ass I own lots of porn with videos of him just to masturbate looking at that ass and cock .. He is one of the hottest guys I just wish he would steel be doing gay porn .. TJ I want your ass and cock ..

  6. I really love him I’m agree with the previous comm he has a massive big cock and sweet beutiful ass amazing body and incradible handsome guy I really want to be his slave slut

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