14 thoughts on “Liam a.k.a Patrick O’Brien

  1. Oh, he’ll do…in a pinch.

    Ok, who am I kidding, I can think of about a million different ways to pass the time with him, and that’s just off the top of my head.

    If he needs to escape all the royal wedding tourists on that side of the pons, mi casa es su casa, hombre 😉


  2. Me tiene enamorado el pecho de este chorvo, me encantaría acarciarlo y mamarlo hasta que me salieran agujetas en la lengua. Pero no pararía, seguiría pellizcándole los pezones hasta dejarlo completamente irritados. Después me dedicaría a la verga… Os podeis imaginar como se la dejaría. Jajajajajaj

  3. The scarf/jeans photo is the best one as well as the leather jacket and gloves shot in the top tier. The white Tee at the bottom tier is also artistically done. He does have modeling potential, although I would have loved to see his Ass. Judging from the frontal shots he does have a rock hard body so I would get a Ass shot in while he still has his looks.

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