DG08: David Gandi

You might recognize David Gandi from latest Dolce&Gabbana campaign for Light Blue aftershave. Now D&G brings us David in all his glory in the newest D&G 2008 Calendar. David is 27 years old and despite looking every inch the Italian stallion in the saucy pics, this hunk actually comes from Billericay , England.

Credits: Dolce&Gabbana

DDS 2008 is bestseller

Nearly 200,000 copies of Dieux du Stade 2008 calendar have sold just in 2 weeks. That is same number like its predecessor which needed 1 year to do this! Plus, we are still waiting for official US release.. Impressive!

UPDATE: The date of the US release for the Dieux du Stade 2008 Calendar has been announced for October 30, 2007!

No wonder.. It´s a MUSTHAVE! The rugby team’s manager has asked for more to be printed ASAP.

Why are people buying the calendar like mad? Well, one factor is certainly the Rugby World Cup, taking in place in France right now. Rugby fans from all over the world are probably buying the French Rugby Players’ calendar as a nice souvenir from France. The other reason is the photographer’s talent: Steven Klein has managed to create a new style for the calendar, while keeping it erotic and how people say: “less homoerotic”?!

International sales:

  • 2001- 15,000 copies
  • 2002- 20,000 copies
  • 2003- 50,000 copies
  • 2004- 80,000 copies
  • 2005- 100,000 copies
  • 2006- 150,000 copies
  • 2007- 200,000 copies
  • 2008- 200,000 copies (2 weeks after release)

Fashion TV: The Making of Dieux du Stade 2005 in color!

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