Chad White is back!

Chad White by Daniel D’Ottavio

Before Kerry Degman, there was Chad White. It may look like Chad has been almost forgotten, in last few months, but after a dream come true photo-shoot with Kerry, Chad White is back! Credits: Daniel D’Ottavio via: VGLmen

Chad White & Kerry Degman

Chad White & Kerry Degman by Joe Lally

It’s no secret that I have 2 most favorite male models. The first was Chad White and the most recent one is Kerry Degman. So imagine my reaction when this newest photo-shoot called “Sex is no enemy” by Joe Lally hit my mail box… Credits: Major Models, Joe Lally, Thecontributingeditor

Chad White

chad white arena

Chad White is definitely the n.1 male model out there today. Is there any part of his body which isn’t perfect?! Plz Chad, show us what are you hiding under your hands! Pictures taken by Arnaldo Anaya who recently shot Chad for Arena Magazine. Credits: JDvision, Arnaldo Anaya, Arena