The Beckham Effect

Updated: Hi-Res color version

What proves “Men can be sexy too!” better than even my straight friends says that “Beckham is really hot in that picture”?

Shots of David Beckham posing in tight white pants have sparked a 50 per cent increase in sales of similar briefs, a retailer says.

The footballer’s publicity shots for Armani underwear have prompted a huge increase in sales of white pants. They are currently outselling boxer shorts by two to one. Demand for the entire Emporio Armani underwear range was also up 30 per cent.

Director of menswear David Walker-Smith said: “David Beckham is a global style icon, appealing equally to men and women. Where he goes, fashion is bound to follow, so briefs are the big story for underwear.”

And apologies to Cdpetee from FamousMales for posting colorized picture without his credits.