Michael Horta

This guy is BEAUTIFUL! Slightly muscular body, natural unshaved body hair, nice face… and again – in Hi-Res

The offering from Terra the Boy for November, 2007 is 20-year-old Michael Horta, who was born in the United States on January 27, 1987 but moved to Cruzeiro, in São Paulo, when he was 11 years old. And what is most important – he has no qualms about getting naked in front of the camera! As a matter of fact, it is hard to find any images of him with his clothes on! 😀

Mr.Gay UK 2007: Daniel Broughton

We Love Mr.Gay Daniel Broughton. He is 21 years old, from Blackpool and he was crowned the 2007 Mr Gay UK.

Are you gay or bi? GAY
Have you ever had sex? OF COURSE
At what age did you first have gay sex? 16
Are you a top or bottom? DEPENDS
How many times have you had sex? WELL??
Ever had more than 1 partner? YES
How big is your penis? LOL GOOD
Tatoos? YES
How many and what/where are they? CELTIC BAND – A DOLPHINE – HAWK
Peircings? 3
How many and where are they? HAVE TO LOOK CLOSE
Ever use toys? YES
Favorite position? TRADITIONAL
Ever had sex in public? YEP…
Use a condom? ALWAYS!!
Ever had sex with a close friend? YES
Ever done it on webcam or been filmed? LOL MIGHT OF
Who would you most like to have sex with? BECKHAM