Will Fennell

Will Fennell is the newest cover guy of australian gay magazine DNA. Will is the former grooming guy of Queer eye for the straight guy Australian Edition and also an editor of DNA. Credits: DNA Magazine,James Demitri

Garrett Neff

Garrett Neff needed only one ad (CK Man if you don’t remember!) to become one of the most iconic sex symbol of the 21st century. He is 23 years old from Wilmingtown, Delaware. This flawless hunk runs 45 minutes a day six times a week. These pictures below are taken from three editorials shot by

Chad White

chad white arena

Chad White is definitely the n.1 male model out there today. Is there any part of his body which isn’t perfect?! Plz Chad, show us what are you hiding under your hands! Pictures taken by Arnaldo Anaya who recently shot Chad for Arena Magazine. Credits: JDvision, Arnaldo Anaya, Arena

DNA 97: Skye Boyland

Superstunning model Skye Boyland (it’s his real name 🙂 appears on this month’s cover of DNA Magazine. Skye is “natural” bodybuilding champ. DNA´s team took him to Melbourne’s Adelphi Hotel for a two-day photoshoot in bed, in the bathroom and on the pool deck…and the result? Look!