Profile: Julien Arias

Julien Arias (born 26 October 1983 in Marseille) is a French rugby union footballer. He currently plays for Stade Français Paris in the top level of French club rugby, the Top 14. His usual position is on the wing. Prior to playing for Stade Français Paris, he was with the US Colomiers club … But, lets get this straight.. His career peak was definitely Dieux du Stade. 😉 Julien is one of the hottest DDS models ever!

Making of Dieux du Stade 2008

Making of Dieux du Stade 2006

Making of Dieux du Stade 2005

Profile: Tiago Gass

Tiago Gass, a 24-year model from Santa Helena, Brazil, is the newest boy for The Boy this October. However, Tiago is not completely unrecognized beforehand, since he had already worked as model. In 2001, Tiago Gass was the exclusive model of Dior Homme for an entire year. This was extremely unusual in the modeling proffession.

Born: 28th June 1983
Sign: Cancer
Height: 1,89m
Weight: 80kg
Favorite food: pizza and barbecue
What do you dislike about yourself?: I dont like my legs, they are very thin
What do you like?: good humor
What is your hobby?: I play soccer
Journey of the dreams?: Australia
Favorite movie?:
American beauty, Being Mendes
Music you like?: Heavy metal – “Alone the end” by Shirt of Venus

The Boy October 2007 (HI-res pics only on We Love Guys)

And Tiago 6 years ago in Dior campaign:

Profile: Kevin Gould

Height: 5′ 11″
Age: 20
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Occupation Model

Workout tip: Eat right, eat right, eat right and stay disciplined.
Indulgences: Can´t live without spaghetti
Best celeb body: An old-school Mark Wahlberg.
Workout playlist: I love alternative and Red Hot Chili Peppers for long run.
Favorite sport: I am from North Carolina, so basketball. Duh!
Best bodypart: My chest!!!

Profile: Chris Bailey

Meet Chris Bailey, an aspiring model originally from Yorkshire, UK. He is currently working as a research chemist for global raw materials manufacturer. Just like any starting model, he is beginning to work up his portfolio. He hopes of getting into an A & F shoot or on the cover of Men’s Health. Music has been his primary interest since childhood. He prefers listening to jazz and works from 20th century Russian composers. His favorite designer is Vivienne Westwood. However, when it comes to personal fashion, his style is more laid back. Jeans and a t-shirt would fit him just fine.

Profile: Arno Galmarini

Arno Galmarini is 23 years old incredibly sexy model from Zurich, Switzerland. He is a student, but he also works as a model. He is 1,79 m tall, which, as he claims, is not the ideal length to be a model. Nevertheless, Arno is well appreciated on the international market. He also won the 2005 Ford Supermodel Contest. He is famous for his work with one of best photographer Marco Carocarri and Pref magazine.

Profile: Andre Bolourchi

Age: 24
Place of Birth: Long Beach, CA
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 170 lbs.
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown

How did you get into modeling?
I was assisting Lewis (photographer Lewis Payton) and he asked me if I was interested in doing a DNA shoot in Bali. It was a great opportunity to travel somewhere exotic and experience something different, ie. being a model. I really admire Lewis’ work, so it was an amazing opportunity. I would have been a fool to say no.

How long have you been modelling? DNA is my first gig.

Lounging around in Bali spas for your DNA shoot doesn’t look that challenging. What would you say is the hardest part of a shoot? This shoot was a lot of fun. Because of the nature of the spread, I was actually pretty relaxed in the spa treatment photos, sometimes even drifting off to sleep. The hardest part was definitely resisting the temptation to indulge in all the great cuisine and desserts. I was terrible! Imagine if you’re given full access to exquisite dining and cocktails! There was a lot of temptation to go overboard and in most cases that’s exactly where I went!

What was it like working with Lewis Payton on the shoot? Lewis is a natural at what he does. The shoot seemed quite effortless for him, but I’ve worked with him long enough to know the amount of internal work going on to create that calm exterior. The energy around the shoot flowed really well the entire time. Since it was my first time modeling, I felt a bit awkward at times, but that quickly faded as Lewis made every environment we shot in very relaxed.

How long does a shoot like that take? This shoot took a full two weeks and everyday was used to the fullest.

Out of all the swimwear that you were modeling in the shoot, would you actually wear any of it yourself? Absolutely. I liked much of what I wore. I was wearing a pair of Rufskins today while swimming laps.

As a straight guy, how does it feel knowing that thousands of gay men are admiring your photos and even lusting after you? Everyone has a preference in what they find attractive. I think it’s flattering. But I don’t give it much thought beyond that.

You’ve been doing a bit of traveling lately, is travel something you’ve always done or wanted to do? Traveling has always excited me. I first backpacked through Mexico when I was nineteen. As soon as I came back home I wanted to leave again, but this time to somewhere new. Since then I’ve been on every continent except Antarctica. Once you’re bitten by the “travel bug” it’s pretty hard to shake it off.

Are you an adventurous free-spirited kinda guy? I’d like to think so! I love adventure, but I’m also a glutton for routine. I need both to feel balanced.

How long have you been working on that body of yours? I really started putting a concentrated effort into the foods I ate and working out about a year ago. I was in OK shape before, but I ate whatever and whenever I wanted. That’s really the difference- food is eighty percent of being and looking healthy.

Is the all over tan natural or solarium tan? The tan was from that awesome Aussie sun (I was traveling in Australia for a couple of months before the DNA shoot).

What are your goals with modeling? I’m more interested in acting, writing, photography and other creative endeavors, but if the right modeling opportunity presented itself, I’d jump at it.

What is Andre Bolourchi’s dream life? I’m living it. As long as I’m pursuing something creative and have the freedom to choose, to manifest my own life path and to travel, I am living my dream life. It’s not the easiest choice in the short term, but the struggles along the way just make the achievements all the better in the end.

Andre´s webiste

Source: Lewis Payton, Aussielicious