Profile: Julien Arias

Julien Arias (born 26 October 1983 in Marseille) is a French rugby union footballer. He currently plays for Stade Français Paris in the top level of French club rugby, the Top 14. His usual position is on the wing. Prior to playing for Stade Français Paris, he was with the US Colomiers club … But,

Profile: Tiago Gass

Tiago Gass, a 24-year model from Santa Helena, Brazil, is the newest boy for The Boy this October. However, Tiago is not completely unrecognized beforehand, since he had already worked as model. In 2001, Tiago Gass was the exclusive model of Dior Homme for an entire year. This was extremely unusual in the modeling proffession.

Profile: Kevin Gould

Height: 5′ 11″Age: 20Hair: BrownEyes: HazelOccupation Model Workout tip: Eat right, eat right, eat right and stay disciplined.Indulgences: Can´t live without spaghettiBest celeb body: An old-school Mark Wahlberg.Workout playlist: I love alternative and Red Hot Chili Peppers for long run.Favorite sport: I am from North Carolina, so basketball. Duh!Best bodypart: My chest!!!

Profile: Chris Bailey

Meet Chris Bailey, an aspiring model originally from Yorkshire, UK. He is currently working as a research chemist for global raw materials manufacturer. Just like any starting model, he is beginning to work up his portfolio. He hopes of getting into an A & F shoot or on the cover of Men’s Health. Music has

Profile: Arno Galmarini

Arno Galmarini is 23 years old incredibly sexy model from Zurich, Switzerland. He is a student, but he also works as a model. He is 1,79 m tall, which, as he claims, is not the ideal length to be a model. Nevertheless, Arno is well appreciated on the international market. He also won the 2005

Profile: Andre Bolourchi

Age: 24Place of Birth: Long Beach, CAHeight: 5’11”Weight: 170 lbs.Hair: brownEyes: brownHow did you get into modeling? I was assisting Lewis (photographer Lewis Payton) and he asked me if I was interested in doing a DNA shoot in Bali. It was a great opportunity to travel somewhere exotic and experience something different, ie. being a

Profile: Matthew Jett Schaefer

Matthew Jett Schaefer is male model, actor, pilot and boxer who turned down a job offer from a major airline to work as male model. WORKOUT PHILOSOPHY“Everyone hits a plateau in their workout but you need to keep going.” FUTURE CAREER GOALSJett is actually a licensed pilot. He recently turned down a job offer from

Profile: Marc Tsavaris

Marc Tsavaris, 23 year old 6’1″ model of Mediterranean descent was born and raised in Bronx, New York. He is a Model/Performance Poet/Ant-Aging Consultant. He is also an official intern for the Celebrated Bowery Poetry Club Of Manhattan, N.Y. Marc says “I feel modeling is a platform for me to express my body while poetry