Justin Marcoccio by Kevin Soucie

Justin Marcoccio model

Justin Marcoccio is 26 years old hunk from Boston, Massachusetts. He loves working out, sports and plays rugby for local team. In case you are wondering what’s the meaning of his tattoos, there are Latin words “strength” and “honor” tattooed down the sides of his ribs. Photography by Kevin Soucie.

Brandon by Eric McKinney

Jeff by Eric McKinney Brandon

If you find this guy familiar, you see him probably the very first time with clothes on. His name is Brandon and he’s on of the most popular guys at SeanCody, where he’s been featured in dozens of scenes. Photographer Eric McKinney captures his natural beauty. > See Brandon’s 15 XXX scenes at SeanCody

Marcel Hans Rodriguez in the Gym

Marcel Hans Rodriguez ParagonMen

Back in 2001, at age of 19, Marcel Hans Rodriguez made his debut in the TeenMuscle video. 12 years has passed and Marcel is still that stunningly beautiful sweet jock, who leaves us breathless. > Marcel is “ParagonMen Of The Year” at ParagonMen