TJ Cummings

Name: T.J. Cummings
Age: 27
Height: 5′ 10″
Hometown: Simi Valley, California
Occupation: Adult actor, model

A professional body builder with a chiseled body and an enormous ehmm :), TJ is a 5’10” Agnostic from Simi Valley, California, weighing in a 190 lb, with brown hair and brown eyes. He started his career in 1999 and has nearly 100 films to his name.

Credits: MenMagazine

22 thoughts on “TJ Cummings

  1. Like many men with superb bodies, Cummings is NOT very handsome (nose too long, for example and CAN HE SMILE?). I like nice bodies with beautiful faces. Not many men have beautiful faces.

  2. ….WOW …Smile ???? He does not have too… Incredible look without being over the line.. Big Nose ???? Well…thats not what took my eye ……. Great Pics dude ..

    Gregg ……

  3. I don’t want men to be beautiful. That’s what women are for!

    I think T.J. is great, but he looks like he’s trimmed down a bit. I like him with a bit more cushion for the pushin’.

    He’s exclusively a straight porn performer, but I was amazed to learn that he started out as a gay bottom.

  4. He may not have the “ideal” model features, but he is sexy to me! I would DEFINITELY enjoy being intimate with him. I would LOVE to flip-flop with him. His ass is made for licking, touching, kissing, and plowing! I would be ALL OVER him!

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