James Ellis

James Ellis is a 27 year-old model and actor. He was a former skinny High School nerd who has transformed his body to become an Indiana State Fitness Model champion. He has appeared in Nike and Ford commercials, but he is most famous for his work with Adam Bouska.

6 thoughts on “James Ellis”

  1. Hey maybe you can help james get enough votes to be on tv ? he’s competing online for a t.v. spot, and wouldn’t you want to see him on t.v. all the time? 😀 LOL


    it’s quick and easy!!! he also did a new campaign for rufskin that you may want to check out

  2. Personally, I love the boys chest and abs….would love to lick them all night long and other places too….

  3. Also, the image that I am using is a PNG. Would that affect the code ( I have alraedy tried replacing jpg eith png )?I am using a child theme of twenty eleven by the way

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