47 thoughts on “Peter Le

  1. Not a big fan of his face, but his body is to die for. Perfection! I think if more Asian guys were confident enough to get into modeling, they can make a big impact :).

  2. just look at his bubble but. mmmmm what a fine phuck he would be!!!

    love to feel his tight buns around my tool. more of this type!

  3. Yes, you should be ashamed of yourself for waiting so long to post pics of a hot Asian. But considering how freakin’ hot he is – you’re forgiven.

    Just post some more, and I’ll to even it out more, and I’ll be more in love with this blog then I already am.

    You’ve given me my blog post for Friday. I will credit your blog for the hot pics. Thanks.

  4. To whomever posted the 3rd post…

    Asian men also make great tops. Ask any of the white, black, brown and Asian men I’ve fucked.

  5. Way to go! Asian guys are the best kinda human being. Black hair and a bit dark skin. Macho-like looking, friendly, polite and responsible!

    Jennifer Whiteny Stonecrook

  6. i have this threesome gay porn and this guy looks like peter le. it might be him but can't really tell. he wears a hat and the quality's not that great. if u post ur email, i'll send it to u and u can tell me if it's him.

  7. He is a perfect representative of Asian men. So manly and oh so hot. I always feel an urge every time I saw especiallly his beefcake body. I want to suck his huge cock and I want it, I want him to fuck me over and over and over. Be proud Peter. Not all guys have looks, physic and great cock like you. Be proud and always flaunt it. You inspire a lot of people and satisfy our wild fantasy. This is what I can say… ohhh please fuck me now!

  8. Oh wow. I’d definitely be an oielutr on one of those things (not just because of age!). Glad it’s anonymous .Might have to hit you up for info our 11th grade has a research project coming up and there’s always one or two that do Kinsey!

  9. As far as I have been able to learn (from video interviews, etc.), Peter Le is indeed 100% queer AND (primarily, anyway) a TOP… Just lettin’ y’all know…!

  10. Very interesting I was tinknihg the same thing that James was tinknihg bearing in mind that the picture was taken the morning of Jan 1st. MMMM Must have been a great party!

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