42 thoughts on “Luke Guldan

    • Who’s your FIRST??? I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours! Oh, Hell, I’ll tell you anyway…Diego Arnary! To die for!

  1. he is soooo amazing!!!! OMG OMG OMG!! smooth all over..nice nipples…cute face…great body….so touchable and delicious..PERFECTION!!!!! at its best. and his BUTT is awesome too. Wish I could do him..and do me too. !!!! =]

  2. PS. The images are really good quality…. Thanks Weloveguys.net!! a really beautiful collection!!! we love him

  3. Again, one of my favourite guy, Luke.
    Erm, yet he looks even more amazing in previous post whether he wore a T Shirt written “Giant”.
    Sometimes, a handsome guy does not have to show the big body, but the amazing face.

  4. This guy just pushes ALL my buttons … the perfect mix of lean muscles without the disfiguring bulk, handsome face, scruff, smile, body … just a truly handsome dude.

  5. While I love other Models like Edilson Nascimento, Benjamin Godfre and Kevin Gould, none of them can compare to Luke Guldan, what a beautiful face, incredible body and I hope a great personality. He is divine, all man and all HUNK, I would love to cover him in Nutella and well you can guess the rest, Luke has the most gentle face and yet an incredible masculine appeal. If Luke has a Girlfriend, she is awfully lucky and I'm jealous. Luke I love you…..Yes it's pathetic, but I can not help it.

  6. I’ve seen pictures of him competing and the proportions, angles, and cuts are even more amazing than these outstanding ‘soft’ modeling pics. The incredible drop from those shoulders to that waist really pisses me off – some guys are so damn lucky. And his quad development is so exacting – very powerful look.

    • Impressive. Very impressive. The ogienrzars, the runners, the supporters, the families, everything. Thank you all for being awesome classmates and reflecting pride upon USNA. I was there in spirit getting the split times texted to me, watching the CNN video in a wardroom full of USN and USMC pilots who all had some sort of connection to our fallen hero classmates. God Bless ’95.

  7. Maravilloso chico. Adorable… Divinoooo….! Preciosisimo joven machote. Wué maravilla…. Me entusiasma….!

  8. Anyone know if Luke’s done any nude work? He really ought to! I’ll volunteer as photographer (and stunt man!) I’ve done a Google search and turned up nothing, so hopefully someone out there knows if they can be found!

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