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  1. Dear Mr Macho Nacho; you have a very nice set of pictures but hopefully you can wear even less clothes that would be nice.You have a very nice ass yes I am a gay man your pictures are nice.

  2. Macho Nacho is by far the hottest muscle man out there! i love every part of his body,there are many hot muscular guys out there,but he does it for me everytime! Thank you Mr Macho Nacho,for making this guy a happy one! 🙂


  4. All professional bodybuilders who do adult entertainment are all outed throughout the internet.

    It is "silly" to think otherwise. Privacy laws do not protect such celebrities, legitimate or adult entertainers. Paying consumers and reviews were meant to me ridiculed by paid performer (and their friends?).

    This website and it review are meant to fun and promotes the business. Why shouldn't a person who enjoys an adult performer who claims to be a professional bodybuilder be able ID him and buy a ticket and or pay to join a bodybuilder website to see him perform as a professional bodybuilder(PB).

    Claiming to be PB makes him more marketable to gay perverts who makes him and porn company profits. His straight fans mean more to him than his gay fans. Sound like a homophobic egotist. I am sorry if gays embarrass him.

    Do these types of fans shame him and disgust him? And, his friends? If you do not like it, don’t do it. Don’t be greedy and blame others. Don't accept dirty, nasty money. There are a lot more willing bodybuilders where Macho Nacho came from who are more rational.

  5. I, too love MACHO NACHO, but not the name. I have seen many pictures of him posted with another name, I don't know if that is his real name or not, but why would other sites like MANIFESTMEN use a different name against his wishes? His other name, real or not, is much sexier, like him. I never tire of seeing photos of him, nude or otherwise. I also love that so much personality comes through in his photos, not just a dull lump posing, but a hot man in his prime! MORE!

    • Hi! Glad you liked the flavor and to make the puniddg thicker, reduce the milk by 1/2 cup or better yet use cream instead of milk. I did that and it does work! But let me know how it turned out for you!

  6. He's all over the internet under his real name, as Macho Nacho and as Alejandro De La Guardia. I cannot believe that his family don't know (unless none of them have EVER been on a computer)It's a joke to imagine that he has what anyone would consider a 'private life' Type 'Macho Nacho' into google, and it won't take you longer that a minute to find out his real name, where he's from, and probably what he had for breakfast too.

  7. He is from Uruguay and his real name is Ignacio “Nacho” Torres!! I love his beautiful cock and delicious ass!! Wanna suck his dick and eat all his creamy semen!! Yummy Yummy!!

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  9. Este es Ignacio Torres que salio MISTER URUGUAY, leí que es bisexual pasivo. y tiene videos con otros fisiculturistas masturbandose y tambien haciendo luchas desnudos que al final de cuentas terminan en sexo.

  10. Me gusta mucho este gay versátil, lo he visto metiendose los dedos a su ano y lo hace muy bien, pero me sorprendio ver que salio Mister Uruguay. no pense que ellos tambien hacian videos porno

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