Leo Giamani covers Unzipped

Leo Giamani covers gay Unzipped magazine
Extremely well equipped Leo Giamani is currently one of the biggest names in gay adult entertainment. Handsome, well buffed, hung, manly and straight.. But money is a great motivator to do almost everything 🙂 He was discovered by RandyBlue (+18), but currently, he is signed to CockSureMen (+18).

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> More of Leo at CockSureMen or RandyBlue.

Credits: MenMachine

44 thoughts on “Leo Giamani covers Unzipped

  1. If you take a cock into your mouth, then you are at least bi if not gay. I categorically reject the notion that he is straight…

  2. Totally agree with the last comment… what is that bullshit of calling yourself straight if you fuck with men and also get fucked by them… I mean if that IS straight, then what is gay?

  3. First, RandyBlue didn't discover this man. They stole him from another studio.
    Second, he said he is bi.
    Not Leo's fault. The webmaster of this site was so wrong

  4. Is sexuality determined by your desire or your actions? I would say desire, as gay men who marry women, say, are still gay in my book. So if Leo fucks men for money, but still is only sexually attracted to women, I'd say he's straight.

  5. If he is really straight and loves women – and is making gay porn for money, so: I call that to be a whore, a gigolo, or how ever you want.

  6. Pretend for money and you're an actor, but add sex and you're a whore? But since acting is frequently about sex, that makes all actors whores and the theatre and cinema bordellos. Some might say "Naturally!" but I think a straight man can "portray" gay, even in porn. After all, anybody can bring any man to orgasm, no matter what his "orientation" or what he "feels." It's the emotional involvement which defines gay or straight. Not so?

  7. Yeah I never understood a straight man doing gay porn. Like how do you get aroused with a hard on? If that was the case every gay man could do gay porn as a full time job and marry a woman and have kids and live the perfect life and just tell people "OH THAT'S JUST MY JOB IM STRAIGHT" LOL Seems kinda weird to me but….that's just my opinion

  8. Maybe, if you gay guys weren't so friggin' obnoxious, judgmental & condescending, the hot guys might actually want to be around you as people, instead of just profit opportunities.
    If these guys are "in the closet", I don't blame 'em. Who'd want to be associated with such a bitchy group of "men"? Look at yourselves. How can you be shocked that hot, handsome, masculine men don't want to have anything to do with you, when you NEVER have anything pleasant or constructive to say about anyone? That's an ugly trait in women & an even worse one in men…

  9. Also, what's this crap about gay guys thinking they, somehow, have a right to know about the models' orientations? What does it matter? You don't stand a chance of actually going to bed with him. Enjoy the fantasy for what it is & move on with the rest of your day. His orientation is none of your business.
    You guys are a hoot when you post comments on PORN BLOGS/SITES, calling someone else a whore. That's comedy of the highest order!
    It's a little bit sad, too…

    Now, that you've read the truth about yourselves, you may fire your pathetic retorts at will…not that I'll actually bother to read them.
    I don't care what you think.:)

  10. Gay or straight… Leo is stil a gorgeous guy. I'm sure women love him and guys are jealous. So what the fuck, the man is free to do whatever he wants as long as he enjoys it, and this guy seem to enjoy himself a lot.

  11. I thought "straight" nowadays means "I have to actually LIKE you before I put up my legs, unless there is liquor or money"
    Remember that "gay" now tends to mean "gay, gay, gay!"
    Labels change, not such a big deal

  12. I think that Leo's adorable. His attitude is incredible. I wish that I were that comfortable with myself that I could do what I like, and with whom I like. it's just sex. Enjoy it for what it is. I love watching him – he does it for me – turns me right the f!@# on.

  13. Whats all the hub-bub about? Among gay men, the thought of a guy being straight and then watching him have sex has an entirely different connotation than if watching someone gay. Allegedly, if you're "straight" you're all "MAN." Hunk, whatever. No "feminine" characteristics. But if he is thought to be "straight," it makes being screwed by him all the more enticing. I work in Hollywood. I treat half of Hollywood. If guys came out that they were gay, women wouldn't see their movies because they couldn't buy the "straight" acting thing. Just like Neil Patrick Harris. For a great many its hard to buy he's such a "woman chaser." For others, they can "separate" it out. I can't because "fantasy" is all about not knowing the "reality" of the situation. So the producers pray upon our "stupidity" and think we'll buy it even more if we think he's straight or bi or whatever. Makes him more provocative. I do think, and you can correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't he actually have sex with a woman on SG4GE's? All I can say is what would he having been doing if not porn? More importantly, didn't he have any other skills to his name that he could have done other than porn? Thus, it makes me wonder, if I had a body like that, would I have done porn to get through medical/law school? Guess I am lucky I don't because I wouldn't want that "haunting me." But also when I ask that question, it means maybe there is nothing else to him but a good (if that) screw? That would ruin it if he opens his mouth and there is not depth except sexually?


  14. Im 100% sure Leo Giamani from his own mouth made known clearly that he is Bisexual so actualy it is pretty rude for a person to come on to a Gay blog and bad mouth the gays when they have thir facts correct. I am very sure that he is Bi due to the fact that when I first caught wind of him on a sex site it was leaked out some how that he was and this is ok with we. Honestly straight men doing Gay Porn doesn't turn me on at all I don't watch it I don't buy it at all Giamani is into what he does for the money and for the pleasure if that offends people they need to find something else to look at or watch in their spare time Leo Your a sexy great performer you turn me on yes your Bi and I don't care one bit and as a 21 year old Gay Porn Patron I love you !

  15. And can we please stop all this name calling if staight guys are offended by these conversations why are they on these blogs sometimes it causes me to want to bust thir chops so bad they have troble eating for acouple of days thats is just disrespectful and down right stupid for them to get into our fun conversations. Anyway Leo Giamani is Bisexual others can say otherwise but they have been misinformed I know my Gay Porn facts and have for a very long time and he said it with his own sexy lips look it up for your self on line and for that rude a** hetero up top get a job and a life already have one get a better one so that you can have a better attitude and quit being so nasty twards Gay people. Lastly it seemed to me as a Gay person my self that you where the one b****ing does this read like a heterosexual blog to you? No should be your answer and you sounded so up tight in your hate speach that if I stuck a lump of cole up your a** it would come out a dimond! Go to the store ask where the isle is for a good sence of humor otherwise stay off of this blog it is after all for us gays and kind people!

  16. Gay, Straight or Bi-Sexual, who gives a damn? Leo is damn fine, I love that he does Gay Porn and he has the equipment to back it up. I'll never be lucky enough to sleep with him even once, however while he does Gay porn I get to fantasise. He has classic Italian looks and I love Italian men, I would kill to have Raoul Bova, who is neither gay or a Porn star, but he is perfection and so is Leo, keep on going Leo, your divine and beautiful. Ignore what other people think, it's only your opinion that matters and while your not hurting other people, no one has the right to judge you.

  17. “Maybe, if you gay guys weren’t so friggin’ obnoxious, judgmental & condescending, the hot guys might actually want to be around you as people, instead of just profit opportunities.
    If these guys are “in the closet”, I don’t blame ’em. Who’d want to be associated with such a bitchy group of “men”? Look at yourselves. How can you be shocked that hot, handsome, masculine men don’t want to have anything to do with you, when you NEVER have anything pleasant or constructive to say about anyone? That’s an ugly trait in women & an even worse one in men…”

    Funny you should say something like that sounds like you have nothing constructive or pleasant to say about “Gay” men and for the record not all “Gay” men are like that. Pull your head out of your proverbial A** and get a grip on life!

  18. Como buen senegales soy muy caliente espero que le guste la gente morena, porque este cachas me parece estupendo de cuerpo con esos pectorales y esas piernas largas y fuertes con unos buenos muslos y una mejor entrepierna, pero a mi lo que más me gusta de él es su culo, me encantaria meterle mi cipote (27cm/6cm) muy despacio para disfrutar sintiendo como se le dilata y una vez bien dentro lo mantendria quieto para poder disfrutar del resto de su cuerpo, acoriciar sus muslos, pajillearle la polla, darle suaves apretones en los testiculos, acariciarle el pecho y pellizcarle los pezones, morderle por los hombros, cuello y espalda. Y, cuando ya no pudiera aguantar más le abrazaria fuertemente con un brazo en los muslos y el otro en el cuello forzando que acercara su boca a la mia para morderme los labios y meterle la lengua y así bien inmovilizado debajo de mi, le empezaria a follar con fuerza hasta tener una fuerte corrida dentro de él.

  19. Yeah, I have no problem believing he’s straight. For one thing, he sucks dick like he’s afraid to chip a tooth. For another, being gay isn’t about who you have sex with. It’s about who you fall in love with. If he falls in love with women instead of men, then he’s straight no matter what he’s sticking up his ass. He’s hotter than 5 kinds of hell, thought, so who cares, as long as he keeps making porn.


  21. I find the judgmental nature of this conversation so hypocritical! SO WHAT? Why can’t you just enjoy his performance, recognize him for what he is good at and move on. Guys who watch porn, yet criticize those who perform in porn, are the worst kind of hypocrites. I believe it demonstrates a severe self-hatred coupled with self-aggrandizement. The straight guy performing in a gay porn has more integrity than those who criticize him while watching, b’cuz at least what he’s doing is honest…it’s a job. Watch if you enjoy it. Don’t if you don’t. But leave people alone to find their own way in the world. It’s much easier to live in love and joy than in judgement and distaste.

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