51 thoughts on “Jakub Stefano by Dylan Rosser

  1. I wish I were a pit of quicksand. I'd suck Jakub in and lick every square millimeter of that body as he slowly sank down. He's male perfection.

  2. JS – I knew a few years ago when we hooked up that you were destined for bigger things. You look great bro – nice work on the bod

  3. Thanks for posting these. He looks amazing as ever. I could look at him all day but I'd prolly bust a blood-vein somewhere painfull! ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep 'em comin' WLG! x

  4. Great photos and model. Difficult to do shower shots like these. Hope photographer and model are making enough money for photo work like this.

  5. i could lick on those nipples all day. i want him sitting on my member so i can enjoy that torso while i move around inside him.. jesus..

  6. Sad that he is pay for show as he does shows on the net and its sad as even if he is hot,i wouldnt pay him to do a show on the net

  7. really awesome, and he photographs so well in the shower.

    I could do without his selection of earrings. just personal, you understand… LOL

  8. es realmente guapo y tiene un cuerpo que millones de hombres quisieramos. felicidades Jakub a eso se llama esfuerzo y dedicacion.

  9. This guy is one of the sexiest guys that i have ever seen…Just wondering does he have Implants…in the chest..even though who cares…I would love to Suck on them…I have seen pics of him nude…and HOT…JCM CANADA

  10. I still don't really know why I'm attracted to that guy, but I am… I don't like too much muscle and he has, but it's still gracious. There's something strange in his face (lips ? eyes ? nose ?), but he's cute.
    But his hairy legs, wow ! And what about that amazing butt !

  11. I got a few of his jerk off videos before he grew a conscience and cleaned them all off the internet. Pretty hot to watch him get a nut.

  12. omg thats that everybody needs yeh wath a men we love to se hes cock what a sexy man love to have some sex ๐Ÿ™‚ ohhhh yeah……..

  13. Que culo mรกs prieto y bien formado. Pensar que mi polla gruesa y fuerte como la piedra, te abre el ano y te penetra cm a cm hasta dejarte, entre contraciones y gemidos, completamente empalado. Mientras me pides que vaya despacio, yo te aprieto y te follo con fuerza, la fricciรณn de mi verga es fuego en tรบ interior que produce placer y dolor.

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