38 thoughts on “Joseph Sayers by Hudson Wright

  1. He is one of the fortunate few in the industry for whom height does not matter; the face and body are so ridiculously flawless, so insanely sexy, that it overcomes all else.

  2. This kid's got everything else but height! And a great model attitude and posing and has been working hard for a long time. Good luck to him and hope that he's stashing the $$$ away for when nobody wants him anymore! He's lucky to work with some good photographers also!

  3. the child of male gods Adonis and Narcissus – Hudson has pictured him perfectly – almost to much beauty for one male to contain
    He makes me lust in my heart ! 🙂

  4. Jeez…some of you act as if you have a constitutional right to more blog posts. He'll post something when he posts something!

  5. Most of this blog's fans are very stupid. (I'm not a fan of it!) The webmaster is busy with building his new sites (Kerry Degman and WeLoveNudes). That's why you're fans of this blog. So stupid!

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