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  1. he has a great body obviously,

    but you people do know, he is ugly, right? as a chinese, I can tell you that face would not be on a magazine in china, i am just curious ,r u people really can't tell a good looking chinese (asian if u prefer) from a ugly one?

  2. haha….man you must be jealous!! like seriously. He is beautiful. and the photography is stunning. besides he is a dancer anyway..not a model.

    (I'm asian too)

  3. jealous? i am simply pointing out that a white man can't figure out what is beautiful man from another continent.

    look at those asian actors in tv. the ugly girl in glee. she sings beautifully, though

  4. the idea that a white man can't see beauty in someone from another continent is among the stupidest bullshit I've ever heard in my life.
    I don't find him that attractive myself but it's not because he's Asian. it's because I don't find him attractive. (though his body is beautiful.)

  5. as an external opinion, i would say he has an amazing body but he is facially ugly, sorry just my opinion and what im attracted to, but the idea that non asians can't identify a hot asian from an ugly one is stupid.

  6. of course, i can recognize a ugly white man ,like, dick chainey is uglyier than george bush, of course there are people i can't tell, who is more uglier glenn beck or bill oriely,

  7. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". There's no limitation as to who may do the beholding. It's sad that racism and politics so negatively affect such a basic human freedom as enjoying beauty.

  8. sorry … to add onto the whole ugly/not-ugly war:

    i'm also asian, and … honestly, he has a great body, but mind you anonymouscommenter#1 that most people who are on this site have probably never seen the actual attractive asian males in asian celeb mags and asian movies. why? because … they're not asian. and the reason why asian's in asia like men who look like they're not asian, is because they ARE asian. get it? it's like how black girls want light skinned boyfriends, but white people don't care how dark they are. because no matter what, it's unfamiliar territory. so yeah … you're right, from OUR perspective as ASIANS, he's not the best, as for everyone else, it's new and it's erotic and exotic and sexy.

    So pipe down.

  9. Good lord. What a bizarre thread. I can't imagine why he would be considered ugly anywhere. He's got beautiful, smooth skin and proportional, symmetrical facial features with amazing cheek bones and full lips. And in the pics where he's looking directly at the camera, he's got a wicked sexy look. I think he's stunning.

  10. Yes, I'm Chinese and I find him stunning too. He may not appear in a China magazine, but since when has China been the expert on aesthetics?

  11. From an aesthetic point he is a good looking man. His bones structure photographs beautifully. Sadly his features are not the ideal that asian media reinforces as beautiful. I've had many friends model in Asia and the most successful were always mixed because of the desire for models with lighter skin, rounder eyes, blah blah blah. Ironically the precious few models who work in the western market tend to look stronly asian (ie Hye Park). It took years of models like Iman, Beverly, Naomi and Tyrah before we began to see more stronly African beauty like Alek Wek's be appreciated. Asia needs to expand their narrow ideals and celebrate the diversity of beauty their people have to offer.

  12. His beauty does not lies with a pretty face noob, but his well-chisel bone structure that gives him such strong features that is amazingly stunning!

  13. So it's not he isn't beautiful it's just that "you" don't see him that way! There's an expression in spanish that says: "Gustos son colores" more or less "infinite likes or dislikes are like colors"… maybe you are beautiful, maybe you aren't to some people too… but beauty is diverse!

  14. I like to see a picture of what he thinks is a good looking asian guy is from his, point of view, that is from the Chinese guy in the begining of this thread. Give us a name.

  15. Hm…interesting discussion.I watched a lot of asian movies(mavbe I'm totally obsessed by them)and also uncountable doramas;he's not THE asian beauty itself but he looks sexy and hot(fantastic work by the photographer)
    I think it's just the point of view….many of the asian beauty idols look more androgy than him and thats the crack!!!!
    But who am I…just my own little opinion ;o)

  16. @ #5, are you fuckin stupid or what, you cant tell by his name?? or you fuckin retarted cuz you dont have the beauty like him and got jealous out of it WTF πŸ™‚

  17. The one that has been calling this dancer/model "ugly" is a retarded prick! Don't you think that that is extreme? You may not find him good looking or handsome or sexy, but he is not "ugly" dumb ass. Post your picture and I will not say you are ugly, but I will say that you are a f**king "racist toward your own kind" retard. Did your parents not teach you any manners? From one Asian to another.

  18. I am Vietnamese. I think, by his name, Hoa An, he is originally Vietnamese who has a perfect boy, but his face is not my type of preference. He is not as cute as myself as most of guys usually say to me, lol.

  19. Well… Hoa-an is my partner… and I'm not complaining on waking up next to him every morning. He is the most beautiful, smart guy. #5 – why don't you keep your jealousy to yourself.

  20. As a typical gay man, I think the body is more important than the face. I met this Korean guy in a gay bar who I thought was ugly, but when he took his shirt off I almost came in my pants!!

  21. Every person has their own likes and dislikes about what beauty is; Asian people don't designate what is a 'true goodlooking Asian,' like it's an official book of rules that only they can see, andy more than whie people can 'officially designate' which one of us is beautiful. If people find this guy beautiful, he's beautiful, period. He's not 'ugly,' just because some jealous Chinese guy thinks celebs back home are 'the real' beauties. Get a fucking grip. For my own tastes, I am white and Bi and this guys is the pretty much the most beautiful and HANDSOME man I've ever seen. His smile is incredible, his eyes, everything. I'd be all over him in a second. So cut the ethnic stereotyping bullshit, #5; you don't own asian beauty any more than I own while beauty. And all I can say to #37, if he is your partner, dude, you are the luckiest fucking guy I know.

  22. I think this guy is awesome. I've seen him dancing in Soho – he has a lovely smile and works the pole with amazing skill. I don't think it matters that some people aren't attracted to him – I'm pleased that I am πŸ™‚

  23. I’ve also seen him dance in Soho and he is absolutely stunning ! Although Dylan Rosser is an accomplished photographer these pics dont do his face justice….I agree with those that have seen / met him he’s much cuter in real life and smart as well,owns his own business.Without doubt one of the best looking Asian guys I’ve ever seen !

  24. i have met this guy a few times and he is really very handsome, even more so in person, he has a real hot body and is very sweet and charming guy too

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