46 thoughts on “Derek Richardson

  1. im jealous his belly is redic. flat! ug, all i could ask for is his eye color to be lighter like green or blue cuz his brown eyes make him look average.. but his booty is very nice 😉

  2. Is this the same “Derek” that did vids for Corbin Fisher…? Or are my eyes worse than I thought? In some shots, it looks like the same guy, only more cut, but in others, it doesn’t…am I crazy?

  3. Not the same “Derek” and there is nothing average about him, have seen him in person, his eyes are actually a striking golden color as opposed to brown… mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

  4. hey folks, this site is long overdue for an update. Why don’t we abandon it and just go to beautifulmag.eu, which has updates every day or two, and lots of eye candy. PS I have no financial connection to that site.

  5. There could be a reason he hasn’t updated the site. He could be ill, a tragedy may have happened or his internet connection might have been cut. To be honest, MostBeautifulMan.com is better but that’s just my opinion

  6. Así apoyado en la pared, es una de mís posturas favoritas para hacerte una buena penetración en ese precioso culo. Debes tener un ano prieto y cerrado, maravilloso para rasgar y dilatar con mi precioso rabo.

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