David Gandy’s book by Mariano Vivanco

male model David Gandy book by Mariano Vivanco

British model David Gandy has been a key part of D&G’s success in last decade and now he’s been immortalized for all the fashion fans and admirers of the male form. David as one of very few models gets prestigious honor of having a photography book completely dedicated to him. “David Gandy by Dolce&Gabbana” is published by Rizzoli and photographed by legendary Mariano Vivanco.

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  1. my heart skipped a beat when i just discovered this man. when i was in my late teens early twenties, i had my first torrid love affair with Bruce, a married lumberjack that looks JUST like this guy. Bruce had/has a hairyier chest and is cut, but, ohhh the memories in my car flood back. I’m buying the book…….

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